sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

La vie en Rose

"La vie en Rose"

Status: Sold in USA

Barbie Silkstone Debut is now a glamorous Barbie Silkstone "La vie en Rose":
Her original make up has been eliminated. The new make up has been done with acrylic professional paint and sealed with mate varnish.
Her manicure matches eye shadow and has also been sealed.
Her hair style has been changed to achieve the glamorous look of the 50s.
Barbie Silkstone has been dressed with an exclusive unique OOAK design of 2 pieces, made in pink dupioni silk.

Listing includes:

-Head piece with feathers.
-Pink and silver earrings.
-Ivory shawl and white shoes.

plus Doll, Stand, Certificate and original Barbie Silkstone Box.

Made with love.You will love.

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